Goff System QB? Week 4 Preview and Predictions

System QB?

The term system quarterback means that the offence isn’t full dependable on the quarterback and to many this is a degrading term due to it being used many times to downplay the quarterbacks ability.

The term has been more recently labelled to former number one pick Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams who on Thursday night edged out the Minnesota Vikings in a wild shoot out 38-31 to leave the Rams 4-0 and arguably the most complete team in the league.

Goff entered the league and struggled under the guidance of former Rams head coach Jeff Fisher who to many ran a ‘high school’ and very basic offence with no real support to help Goff, subsequently when Goff was started in the back end of his debut season he struggled and look a boy playing a mans game.

Goff under Fisher played 7 games with 5 TD’s, 7 INT’s and only 54.6% pass completion. (Passer rating of 63.6)

Now the change, Fisher was sacked after an awful season and his offence being last in pretty much everything but most notably points per game.

The addition of Sean McVay, the Washington Redskins offensive coordinator, made him the youngest head coach in modern NFL History. Fast forward a season and he would be named coach of the year by the Pro Football Writers of America after leading the Rams to an 11-5 record, it’s first playoff birth since 2004 and now the first team to go from the lowest points per game to the highest. However they fell to the Atlanta Falcons in the wildcard match-up.

McVay had given Goff a reliable offensive line, most notably the addition of former Cincinnati Bengal Andrew Whitworth. McVay’s creative offence also gave running back Todd Gurley a chance to show his talents as he also had a great season.

Goff was able to show the potential and hint at the reasons why the Los Angeles Rams traded up the draft board and decided to take Goff and not Wentz.

Goff under McVay played 15 games with 28 TD’s, 8 INT’s and 62.1% pass competition. (Passer rating of 100.5)

McVay added another weapon for the LA offence in former Patriots Brandin Cooks who is lightening quick and to replace the out of contract Sammy Watkins.

Goff who is only 23, seems to be coming into his own and some of this type of throws he is now making, whereby the window is literally the size of the ball and he’s throwing dimes into double coverage and changing games because of it.

Goff under McVay played 4 games with 11 TD’s, 2 INT’s and 72.4% pass completion. (Passer rating of 127.3)

Does McVay deserve the credit?

Yes he should be credited but so should Goff for his own improvement, McVay does not read the defence from under centre and then make the pin-point throws which literally make you say ‘wow’.

Goff really could have an MVP season if he keeps this momentum up and has a great shot of a deep run into the playoffs and the chance at the Super Bowl.

Prediction Record

Week 3 – (9-7)

Overall – (28-17-2)

Prediction for Week 4

Miami @ New England

Cincinnati @ Atlanta

Tampa Bay @ Chicago

Detroit @ Dallas

Buffalo @ Green Bay

Philadelphia @ Tennessee

Houston @ Colts

New York Jets @ Jacksonville

Browns @ Oakland

Seattle @ Arizona

New Orleans @ New York Giants

San Francisco @ LA Chargers

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

Kansas City @ Denver

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